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CNS Newsletter Volume 12, Issue 04 "Mind & Melody" released

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Mind & Melody

We recently published a new issue of the Charité NeuroScience (CNS) Newsletter, bringing you the latest on Mind & Melody.

Break out the trumpets and fanfare, the CNS is starting a new decade! While ringing in the new year, we've been busy putting together an exciting new issue to get you in the groove of 2020: The Neuroscience of Music. Almost everyone loves a catchy melody but there are many reasons to crank up the beats: learn about how music can promote cognitive flexibility (M8), productivity (M9), and perhaps mathematical ability (M31). What’s more, there’s great evidence to suggest that it can be used as a tool to treat mental disorders (M3), and dementia (M31 and M33), though sometimes, musicians can find themselves in some neurological difficulties of their own (M14). But what about if you’re tone deaf (M13), or your roommate’s death metal playlist is causing… concern (M30)? Don’t worry, we’ve got all the answers right here.

While jamming away to your “Finally-Doing-Those-PCRs” playlist, also be sure to check out our continuing “Dr. Brown” series on skills gained during your PhD (M22), an interview with the founder of International Women in Science (M23), and see what amazing conferences and talks have been happening in Berlin (M25). And if you should throw down your headphones and say “Enough of this! I’m going to be a DJ!”, we have an interview with a neuroscientist doing exactly that (M5)!

For this issue, we're also proud to welcome some new members to the editorial team: Shereen, Juliana, Zoya, Tejaswini, Sarah, Lolô, Genevieve, and Felicitas. Without their commitment and eye for detail, this issue would have never been possible!

On a final note, on behalf of the CNS Newsletter team, we hope that you, your friends and (lab) families had relaxing and wholesome holidays. We're looking forward to a whole new decade with you, and wish you all the best in 2020!

The Editors

Volume 12, Issue 04



CNS Newsletter

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