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CNS Newsletter Volume 12, Issue 03 "Happy Halloween" released

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Happy Halloween

We recently published a new issue of the Charité NeuroScience (CNS) Newsletter, bringing you the latest on Happy Halloween.

Halloween comes but once a year. And that time of year is coming again. Which of course means TIME FOR KURBIS EVERYTHING!

You can start with Ioana’s incredible Kurbis (squash) soup, which in true CNS fash-ion comes with an explanation of why your brain finds certain flavors warming or cooling (p. 20). If you’re still in the holiday mood, you can read about Strigoi, Día de Muertos, and Guy Fawkes Day, as well as the origins of Halloween (p. 22).

Then on to ZOMBIES! We couldn’t do a Halloween issue without the neuroscience of zombies. We’ve got zombie snails and zombies in pop culture (p. 6), prions, which  is  about  a  thing  that  EATS  BRAINS,  just  like  ZOMBIES.  Naturally  you’ll  want to learn about how fear works, and what better way to learn than by studying the extreme climber who has none (p. 8)?

Don’t miss our great non-theme and career articles in this issue as well. On the ever-important  topic  of  mental  health,  go  to  p.  16  for  some  tips  on  how  to  build  resilience and remain sane while doing a PhD. On a lighter note, we have reports from the ECN student retreat (p. 14), Career Preparation Day (p. 12), the SCSMI, a conference dedicated to cognitive studies of film (p. 10), and one dedicated to Emerging Concepts of the Neuronal Cytoskeleton (p. 18). Dr. Brown has you cov-ered for argumentation skills on page 14.

This issue of CNS has slimmed down in preparation for those big Fall and Winter holiday  meals,  so  there’s  no  excuse  for  not  reading  all  of  the  work  by  our  great  writers!

Volume 12, Issue 03



CNS Newsletter

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