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CNS Newsletter Volume 10, Issue 02 on Digital Health and Big Data released

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Digital Health and Big Data

We recently published a new issue of the Charité NeuroScience (CNS) Newsletter, bringing you the latest on Digital Health and Big Data.

Big data (and big changes!) on the horizon! Welcome to our June edition of the newsletter, celebrating and critiquing the digitalization of (neuro)science. And it’s everywhere- both on (page 15 and 17), in (page 13), and around you (page 3). For some, digitalization may be a saving grace for medicine (pages 9 and 13), while to others, the physical and societal cons (pages 8 and 16, respectively) outweigh the pros. We also get to the burning questions on everyone’s mind: Can I fall in love with a robot (page 5)? Will machine learning steal my job (page 14)? And how much time is TOO much time online (page 18)?

One thing you have likely notice is our new look, made possible by the good people at Charité’s internal design service. We are excited to work with them, and help the newsletter reach a whole new audience.

Finally, the CNS newsletter is spreading outside of Berlin! This issue, please welcome new contributor Alena Deuerlein, an MSc student from Goethe University Frankfurt, as well as Apoorva Madipakkam, now based at the Univeristy of Lübeck. A big thanks as well to the newest member of our editorial team, Silvina Romero Suárez. All of this brought to you by the wonderful world of digital communication and networking.

Happy reading!

Volume 10, Issue 02



CNS Newsletter

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