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Munich - Arnab Chakrabarty

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Arnab Chakrabarty

I was a part of the MedNeuro Master programme, during which I worked with Uwe Heinemann at the Institute of Neurophysiology. I worked on the effect of neuromodulators on oscillations in the hippocampus in vitro.

After my Master studies I came to Munich and started my PhD on imaging hippocampal plasticity in vitro in the group of Tobias Bonhoeffer at the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology. However, I left the group in 2009 and joined Bert Sakmann's group in the same institute to work on the effect of sensory deprivation on dendritic arborisation in cortical layer 5 neurons.

I am actively involved in sports and like to socialise. I also developed a taste for Neurophilosophy that I am nurturing now. Bringing together neuroscience and art is another. Films, music, photography, nature and above all socio-politics are a few other tools of my Gemütlichkeit. Last but not the least; Berlin is a part of my life (if I am allowed to sound different). I eat, sleep and live Berlin.

I want to be involved with the programme that I was part of and this is a good way to do that. Mentoring the younger students with my experiences might be helpful. That apart, I am very passionate about Berlin, so, I would like to take up any chance I get to be associated with it in any way.

You can do Science productively only when you are completely at peace with your surroundings. And I was completely at home in Berlin which led to fruitful Science on my part. I think the younger or the prospective students need to realize this reality before they embark on their scientific rendezvous.