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Mexico City - Guido Guenther

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Guido Guenther

In 2004 I came to Berlin and joined the International Graduate Program Medical Neurosciences together with other students from the U.S., Germany, Latin America, and Asia.

My main interests in Neuroscience are memory and learning, behaviour and perception, neuroimmunology and psychopharmacology. During the Master Program at the Charité in Berlin, my classmates and I had the opportunity to get in touch with several researchers working in the major areas of research in neuroscience such as neuroprotection, learning and memory, biological rythms, functional neuroimaging and many others. My thesis was focused on the pharmacological characterization of rat cultured cortical neurons using calcium imaging at the MDC in Berlin Buch under the supervision of Prof. Kettenmann, Prof. Kronenberg and Prof. Endres.

The experience of being in Berlin, sharing knowledge with other international students and working at the lab to discover something new makes itself a great experience.

At the moment I am working as an Associate Professor for Physiology and Neurophysiology at La Salle University and at the Neurology Department in a National Medical Center in Mexico City.

The goal of my research is to bring together basic and clinical neuroscience and in the near future plan to continue with the PhD in Neuroscience.