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Current Students

Last year, the Medical Neurosciences program has admitted 20 new international students. Considering the program's interdisciplinary and international approach, it doesn't come as a surprise that our students are of diverse backgrounds. They have been selected from over 200 applicants. The second-year students will defend their Master’s thesis research project at the end of the program, that is, two years after admission.

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Master students admitted 2017

Name Country of Origin Program
Roemel Jeusep Bueno Philippines Medical Neurosciences
Yi-Jen Chang Taiwan Erasmus Mundus
Drew Cooper United States of America Medical Neurosciences
Robyn Cunningham United Kingdom Medical Neurosciences
Katherine Cuthill United States of America Medical Neurosciences
Silvia Díaz González Spain Medical Neurosciences
Ahmed Fath Egypt Erasmus Mundus
Tamari Ghelaghutashvili Georgia Erasmus Mundus
Ana Gil Infante Spain Medical Neurosciences
Daniela Guillen Gonzalez Mexico Erasmus Mundus
Shikha Gupta India Medical Neurosciences
Tatiana Lupashina United States of America Medical Neurosciences
Mustafa Hussain Mehkary Pakistan Erasmus Mundus
Biniam Melese Bekele Ethiopia Erasmus Mundus
Malika Renz Germany Erasmus Mundus
Indra Roy Japan Erasmus Mundus
Dave Saraswat Canada Erasmus Mundus
Markus Schweiger Austria Erasmus Mundus
Andjela Sekulic Serbia and Montenegro Medical Neurosciences
Amna Siddiqui Pakistan Erasmus Mundus
Gilberto Solorza Buenrostro Mexico Medical Neurosciences
Cristian Raquel Unzueta United States of America Erasmus Mundus
Amelia Young United Kingdom Medical Neurosciences