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    Humboldt Graduate SchoolCharitéplatz 1 (local address: Luisenstraße 56)
    10117 Berlin

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The international Graduate Program Medical Neurosciences prides itself of linking basic research to innovative, clinic-oriented research and has done so since 2001!

More than 15 Years Medical Neurosciences, what does that mean? On the one hand it means over 200 master students and more than 150 PhD or MD/PhD students. However, on the other hand it is a holistic approach to teaching and researching neuroscience — spanning from scientific principles taught from experts in the field, blended learning to hand-ons experience in the lab. This is enriched by a modular of soft skill program, which supports the students according to their needs.

Stay in touch with former fellow students and friends and join our alumni events! Sign up at our alumni platform!

Mailing List

We strive to keep in touch with our former students and ask them to regularly update their contact data. A dedicated alumni mailing list is already in place. As a member of this list you will get occasional updates on alumni activities. You can also send a mail to all subscribers. If you would like to get on the list or if you would like to change your listed e-mail address, please e-mail us.


Office Medical Neurosciences