Scientific Writing and Presentation

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Scientific Writing and Presentation

Scientific writing in general

A collection of good links for almost all purposes:

Articles on scientific writing in general

The award wining essay from V. Booth "Writing a scientific paper" (PDF):

A small guide on how to write boring (PDF):

Short checklist of the most important principles (PDF):

Deryl Bem:Writing the Empirical Journal Article (PDF):

On grammar and style:

Geoff Cumming et al. "On error bars in publications". J Cell Biol. 2007 Apr 9;177(1):7-11.

Useful also to know what the other site is thinking: How to review a scientific publication

25 common writing errors:

Presenting your data orally and on posters

On oral presentations:
Jay Lehrs famous essay "Let there be stoning":

Poster presentations:
Jane E Miller. "Preparing and Presenting Effective Research Posters". Health Serv Res. 2007 Feb;42(1 Pt 1):311-28.

John D. Woolsey. "Combating poster fatigue". Trends Neurosci. 1989 Sep;12(9):325-32.

Administrating Literature

Nice tool to order you literature (start early, it'll look incredibly harmless and small at the beginning, and than... ups, there a big amorphous pile of unsorted knowledge somewhere...), find out what other people thought about this particular paper...

Cite you like

Referencing literature in your texts

If you are not in the lucky situation of having access to EndNote or Reference Manager, here are some free and legal downloads-try to familiarize yourself with these programs before you have to write your first lab report!

The Zotero program (Firefox):
BibSonomy (Linux)
JabRef (Java):
Mendeley (Windows, Mac OS, Linux):

Publishing your data

A 'rough guide' for publishing: