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Scientific Resources

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Scientific Resources

Neuroscience in General

The neuroguide, a useful collection of websites related to neuroscience:
The secret life of the brain:
Neurotransmitter net:
The Dana foundation:
Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience:

Free Booklet Downloads

Two nice and informative general introductions into neuroscience, easy to read without too much special knowledge required. Well suited for beginners from a different academic discipline to get a first glance on what is taught in the program.

Ideal also if your relatives keep asking you what precisely it is you are doing now...

Kosmos Gehirn (German only):

And an interesting related link:
The accidental mind:

Medical Dictionaries online

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Online textbook on medical biochemistry:

Useful tool convert different weight units into concentrations and vice versa:

Electronically Available Books