Program Committees

According to the regulations, the program is steered by two committees appointed by the Medical School Council (Fakultätsrat): the Program Coordination Committee and the Admissions and Examination Committee.

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Program Committees

The Program Coordination Committee is responsible for matters such as curriculum, faculty composition or guidelines for classes and lab work. The Admissions and Examination Committee is in charge of admissions and examinations. Both committees consist of 3 full professors, 1 academic/scientific employee and one student of the program as well as their alternates.

Currently, the composition is as follows:

Program Coordination Committee

Group Member Alternate
Professor Prof. Dr. Machelska (Chair) Prof. Dr. Kettenmann
Professor Prof. Dr. Schmitz Prof. Dr. Rosenmund
Professor Prof. Dr. Judkewitz Prof. Dr. Shoichet
Scientific Employee Dr. Salmen Dr. Mai-Kolerus
Student Student representative 1 Student representative 2

Admissions and Examination Committee

Group Member Alternate
Professor Prof. Dr. Kettenmann (Chair) Prof. Dr. Machelska
Professor Prof. Dr. Heim Prof. Dr. Yildrim
Professor Prof. Dr. Paul Prof. Dr. Lehnardt
Scientific Employee PD Dr. Breustedt Dr. Salmen
Student Student representative 2 Student representative 1