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    Humboldt Graduate SchoolCharitéplatz 1 (local address: Luisenstraße 56)
    10117 Berlin

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Day 1, July 10

Master Thesis Presentation

12:00 Registration / Refreshments

12:30 Welcome lunch (Buffet)

14:00 Master thesis presentation (for abstracts: please refer to the end of the booklet)
Chair: Ahmed Khalil

18:00 End

Neurasmus Social

20:00 Dinner, Restaurant Clärchen's Ballhaus (" Address)

Day 2, July 11

Neurasmus Program Evaluation

09:00 Welcome

09:30 Parallel Sessions

Session 1: Board of Education Meeting
Session 2Student Board Meeting

General Discussion: Program, working mechanisms, student mobility, promotion, participation costs, language policy, sustainability...

Action Plan: preparing the quality review report
Chair: Bordeaux Head Office

12:30 Lunch (Buffet)

14:00-16:00 Review of morning sessions:
Neurasmus Evaluation / Quality Assessment Workshop
With: Students, BoE members

Neurasmus Social

17:30     Dinner, Restaurant Weihenstephaner (Hackescher Markt) (" Address)
20:00     Show, Blue Man Group (" Address)

Day 3, July 12

Neurasmus Social

10:00 Tour, Potsdam

12:30 Lunch, tba

16:00 End of Tour

17:00 Dinner, Restaurant Krongut Bornstedt (" Address)

Day 4, July 13

Neurasmus Workshop

09:00 Welcome

09:30 Parallel Sessions

Session 1: Board of Education Meeting

Action Plan: preparing the quality review report (part 2)
Chair: Bordeaux Head Office

Session 2: Workshop for Semester 3

One student tutor for

· Bordeaux:  Bianchi Stephanie or Voytyuk Iryna
· Amsterdam: Milićević Nemanja or Murshed Miraj Muhammed
· Berlin: Eskedar Angamo
· Laval: Kevin Richards

12:30 Lunch (to go)

Neurasmus Social

14:00 Berlin Walking Tour

16:00 End of Tour

19:00 Dinner, the PUB am Alexanderplatz + World Cup (" Address)

Day 5, July 14

Neurasmus Lectures

09:30 Welcome

10:00 Parallel Sessions

Writing Workshop
Chair: Julia Staykova, Ph.D. (" Bio, Booklet)

13:00 Lunch (Buffet)


Invited guest lecture "Getting Published": Prof. Dr. Kettenmann (" Bio, Slides)

Neurasmus Social

19:00 Dinner, Spree river cruise (" Address)

Day 6, July 15

Neurasmus Scientific Workshops

09:00 Welcome

09:00-18:00 Student Scientific Workshop

Venue: Rahel-Hirsch-Hörsaal, Charité Campus Mitte
Entrance: Luisenstraße 13, 10117 Berlin

09:30 Part 1: "Potential and pitfalls in translational research"
With: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Dirnagl (" Bio, Slides)

11:30 Part 2: "The Translation of 'Knowledge transfer'"
With: Dr. Svelta Dimitrova (" Slides)

12:30 Lunch (Buffet)

14:00 Part 3: "Translational Research: From Target validation to clinical studies"
With students presentations and interactive student work
Chair: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Dirnagl (" Bio, References)

18:00 END

Outline of the Meeting

July 10 - 15, 2014, Berlin

Program, Day:
1: Theses Presentations
2: Program Evaluations
3: Social
4: Workshops
5: Lectures
6: Scientific Workshops

" full program


Program booklet

Program at a glance