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CNS Newsletter Volume 12, Issue 02 on Persuasion and Deception released

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Persuasion and Deception

We recently published a new issue of the Charité NeuroScience (CNS) Newsletter, bringing you the latest on Persuasion and Deception.

Want to hear a secret? Come closer.

Let’s talk about you for a minute. Your true value. What you are really worth. Something tells me you deserve more.

Okay. Here is how you can learn to get everything you ever wanted: you need to read this issue of CNS, cover to cover.

That’s right. You may benefit from learning, for example, how neuromarketing experts know how to design products that push your brain’s Buy button (p. 8), especially how smart phones are specifically designed to be an addictive slot machine for our brains (p. 6). Or perhaps you know that you just need to learn about the psychology of leadership in order to take your rightful place as king of the jungle (p. 10). On that note, you could brush up on the neuroscience of populism (p. 18), in case you need to go that route. And speaking of populism: ever feel like there is a relationship between confidence and stupidity? It’s called the Dunning-Kruger Effect (p. 14). But as you may have noticed, even intelligent people are prone to believing in hyped-up trends like superfoods (p. 4) and magic (p. 27). After you have become a master of manipulation, you can learn how to attract your crush (p. 17)... but don’t let your imagination run away with you (p. 24).

In the aftermath of the EU and Australian elections, and in anticipation of a looming Brexit, the U.S. presidential elections and others worldwide; in an era where news is fake and privacy is a thing of the past; we bring you CNS: the Persuasion and Deception edition. This time around we also bring you an extra-special career section: exclusive interviews with industry leaders from the EuroSTEMpeers conference (p. 29), a field report from the annual meeting of the German Society for Neurosurgery (p. 28) and a friendly reminder from Dr. Brown to appreciate the BS-detection skills you picked up while getting your PhD (p. 29). We also go in-depth on options for funding as a PhD student in Germany (p. 38).

And be sure not to miss these other great articles: a journey through Ramadan (p. 42), discussions of new findings from our very own Charité research groups (p. 15, p. 22), and a closer look at a recent study that claims a Netflix series raised the suicide rate (p. 12).

As we said: just read it cover to cover.

Volume 12, Issue 02



CNS Newsletter

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