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CNS Issue v11i04



CNS Newsletter Volume 11, Issue 04 on Party Time released

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Party Time

CNS Issue v11i04

We recently published a new issue of the Charité NeuroScience (CNS) Newsletter, bringing you the latest on Party Time.

As the year 2018 winds down, we have a lot to look back on and celebrate. Just think
of the scientifi c successes, birthday celebrations, and festivals throughout the year.
Just in time for the holidays, this issue of the newsletter invites you to party hard!

Are you skeptical? Think you’ll be spending Christmas in the lab (page 3)? Well, just
because the holidays can come with some stress (pages 5 and 11), it turns out that
taking some vacation is actually great for you (page 19). Just don’t hit the bar too
hard, or be prepared to suffer the neurological consequences (page 13). Looking for
inspiration? Check out some of our authors’ favourite holiday traditions around the
world (page 8), or get inspired in ways to spice up your PhD defense (page 15).
Thoughtfully select some gifts for loved-ones (page 10), or just take a shortcut and
go with our suggestions (page 14). Or does having a holiday just mean that you fi -
nally get to rest a bit? Keep your mind active with some great books (page 17), a
comic (page 25), a tricky crossword puzzle (page 16), or reflect about your New Year’s
resolutions (pages 6 and 7).

Finally, let’s lift a glass to the first ever successful EDGE exhibit (page 22), the PhD
retreat (page 24), and some successful recent graduates of MedNeuro (pages 18 and
20). However (and wherever) you choose to celebrate, we’re with you every step of
the way!

Happy holidays, and enjoy this issue!

Volume 11, Issue 04



CNS Newsletter

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