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Prof. Dr. Rosemarie Grantyn

Coordinator of teaching Block B - Neuropathophysiology of the MSc program

Institute for NeurophysiologyCharité

Research Focus

  • Normal and abnormal ontogeny of the human brain
  • The cellular and molecular basis of mental retardation
  • Functions of GABA in CNS development
  • Development of the visual and oculomotor system
  • Development and structural plasticity of dendrites
  • Synaptogenesis
  • Inhibitory synaptic transmission and plasticity
  • Factors governing the E/I ratio
  • Mechanisms of transmitter release
  • The cellular and molecular basis of human intelligence
  • Mental retardation
  • Neurotrophinergic regulation of central synapses
  • Labeling and imaging techniques
  • Culture models of synaptogenesis