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Information about how to get funded, expenses, tuition and administrative fees.

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Master's Program

At the moment, there are no scholarships available by us. However, we are currently trying to secure funding for scholarships. Another possibility is the apply for "Fast track PhD" at the Einstein Center for Neurosciences.

Doctoral Program

There are two ways to get financed:

A doctoral position: students can be financed by a doctoral position in the research group they work for. This is why students need to find such a position before being admitted to the doctoral track. Our own MSc graduates can use the contacts made at that level and ideally continue their master thesis project on a larger scale. Outside applicants need to contact faculty whose research interests them and apply for a position directly.

Einstein Center for Neurosciences (ECN): The ECN offers fellowships to top PhD applicants, thereby enabling them to choose their research groups more freely.

Financial support

For students whose personal or familiy resources do not suffice, two basic options exist: an educational loan or a stipend. Educational loans can be obtained through your national loan system. Check in your home country for terms and conditions. Stipends are available through a number of organizations and foundations.


Tuition Fee

From 2017 on, we unfortunately have to charge 2,500 EUR per semester.

Enrollment Fee

There is a administrative/(re-)enrollment fee of about 315 EUR which includes public transportation.


Most of the literature you'll need in the course of the program will be available electronically or it will be provided to you in the form of a reader. There are a number of standard texts book of neuroscience, however, which we recommend:

  • Bear, Connors, Paradiso (ed): Neuroscience. Exploring the Brain
  • Kandel, Schwartz, Jessell (ed): Principles of Neural Science
  • Squire et al. (ed): Fundamental Neuroscience

Housing & Living

Your expenses for housing and living in Berlin will depend on your life style and personal preferences. Figure an average of 400 EUR per month for your housing and 300 to 400 EUR for your living expenses.

Health Insurance

In general, students do qualify for mandatory public health insurance at about 70 EUR per month incl. dental and emergencies.