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    Humboldt Graduate SchoolCharitéplatz 1 (local address: Luisenstraße 56)
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Application and Admission

Application Deadlines:


  • 15th of January, Intake of 15 to 20 students


  • 15th of January
  • 15th of May
  • 15th of September

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The program offers:

• Cutting edge science by world class scientists on the interface between bench and bedside

• Access to all major research institutions and clinics

• Intense theoretical and practical training preparing you for a PhD program and subsequent research Career

• Friendly, international learning environment

• Small classes and close faculty contact

• A vibrant local neuroscience community

Master's Program

For our MSc program, we are looking for students interested in cell and molecular biology research with a solid clinical connection in the field of Neuroscience. Your primary knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics is solid and your grades are above average and you have a degree in medicine, psychology, natural sciences or in a related subject (BSc, MBBS, Medical Doctor, Diplom or international equivalent).

Ideally, you can already demonstrate laboratory experience. You see your future in neuroscience research wanting to turn your findings from the bench into treatment at the bedside. For a successful application we recommend to gain as much practical experience as possible before the master program starts in October. This includes experimental Bachelor theses or internships in a lab.

In addition to a strong command of the English language (please see required scores below) all our students need to exhibit a good amount of inquisitiveness, initiative and independent thinking as well as organizational skills.

The application deadline always is 15 January each year for the program to start in October. Find out more about the application process. Below, you find the formal criteria.

Please note that from the winter term of 2017 on, we have to charge EUR 2,500 per semester plus an administrative fee of roughly EUR 315 per semester (which includes public transportation).

Doctoral Program

For our doctoral program we are seeking candidates who have substantiated interest and experience in cell and molecular biology with a strong clinical connection in the field of Neuroscience. The ideal candidate can demonstrate an intense neuroscience education at the Master of Science level. You must be well-versed in subjects such as Neurochemistry, Neurobiology, Neuroinflammation, Neuroimmunology, Neuroanatomy, Neurophysiology, Neuroendocrinology, and the like. You must have experience in laboratory research and ideally you have already published in the field.

In addition to a strong command of the English language all our students need to exhibit a good amount of inquisitiveness, initiative and independent thinking.

Application deadlines: 15 January, 15 May, 15 September.

Applying for our doctoral program

If you have a doctoral position in one of the research groups participating in the program. Applications will be accepted all year around. They will be examined by the Admission Commission.

  1. If you are a Master student of Medical Neurosciences at the Charité, including students of our Neurasmus partners, and want to continue with our doctoral program, please choose route 1.
  2. If you graduated from another university and want to apply for our doctoral program, please choose route 2.

Formal criteria for admission

In order to be eligible for admission, students have to meet the following formal criteria:

Proficiency in English (IELTS min. Band 6.5, TOEFL paper min. 580, TOEFL computer min. 237, TOEFL internet min. 92)

MSc Program

  1. A first degree in medicine, psychology or natural sciences (BSc, MBBS, Medical Doctor, Diplom or international equivalent)
  2. One year of practical experience (e.g. work in a lab, studying abroad, internship, 1st job after graduation, experimental Bachelor thesis, etc.)

Doctoral Program

  1. The degree of MSc in Medical Neurosciences. Applicants holding other MSc degrees, Diplom or Medical Doctor can be admitted based on an evaluation exam
  2. A doctoral position or scholarship in a research group of the program (Doktorandenstelle Tarifgruppe E13 50%)

Student services

For more information and questions please contact our program office: