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Charité NeuroScience (CNS) Newsletter

As the magazine of the Medical Neurosciences Program, the CNS Newsletter is created by and published every three months for the Neuroscience community in Berlin by current and former MedNeuro students.

We welcome authors from all neuroscience-related backgrounds to join our newsletter team.

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Each issue includes a series of articles focused on a theme – a topic related to neuroscience or academia in general – and a number of timely, non-theme articles.

Our non-theme section provides ongoing coverage of issues in neuroscience, conference reports, paper reviews, interviews with researchers of the Berlin neuroscience community, and features of the international cuisine in Berlin, asf.

For past examples, please see our latest issues below.

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If you are interested in writing for the CNS Newsletter, send us an

Issues – Volume 13, 2020

CNS Volume 13, Issue 3, Perception of Time
CNS Volume 13, Issue 2, Uncertainty and Belief
CNS Volume 13, Issue 1, Science Communication

Issues – Volume 12, 2019

CNS Volume 12, Issue 4, Mind & Melody

CNS Volume 12, Issue 3, Happy Halloween

CNS Volume 12, Issue 2, Persuasion and Deception

CNS Volume 12, Issue 1, Development and Growth

Issues – Volume 11, 2018

CNS Volume 11, Issue 4, Party Time

CNS Volume 11, Issue 3, Substance Abuse and Mental Health

CNS Volume 11, Issue 2, Brain Invasion

CNS Volume 11, Issue 1, Beauty and the Brain

Issues – Volume 10, 2017

CNS Volume 10, Issue 4, Sleep

CNS Volume 10, Issue 3, Spirituality in Science

CNS Volume 10, Issue 2, Digital Health and Big Data

CNS Volume 10, Issue 1, Diversity in Neuroscience

Issues – Volume 9, 2016

CNS Volume 9, Issue 4, From Cradle to Grave in the Brain

CNS Volume 9, Issue 3, Happy Anniversary, MedNeuro!

CNS Volume 9, Issue 2, The Sporty Brain

CNS Volume 9, Issue 1, The Aging Brain

Issues – Volume 8, 2015

CNS Volume 8, Issue 4, Money on My Mind.

CNS Volume 8, Issue 3, Food for Thought.

CNS Volume 8, Issue 2, Art. And the Brain.

CNS Volume 8, Issue 1, Humor

Issues – Volume 7, 2014

CNS Volume 7, Issue 4, Communication and Social Media

CNS Volume 7, Issue 3, Nature vs Nurture

CNS Volume 7, Issue 2, Neuroscience of Love

CNS Volume 7, Issue 1, Mind and Brain

Issues – Volume 6, 2013

CNS Volume 6, Issue 4, Integrative Medicine

CNS Volume 6, Issue 3, Heat or Cold: What's Good for the Brain?

CNS Volume 6, Issue 2, The Social Brain

CNS Volume 6, Issue 1, Gender Differences

Issues – Volume 5, 2012

CNS Volume 5, Issue 4, Fat Gut or Fat Brain

CNS Volume 5, Issue 3, Engineering the Brain

CNS Volume 5, Issue 2, Open Access

CNS Volume 5, Issue 1, Mental Health Disorders

Issues – Volume 4, 2011

CNS Volume 4, Issue 4, Funding in Science

CNS Volume 4, Issue 3, Brain Stimulation

CNS Volume 4, Issue 2, Good & Bad Scientific Practice

CNS Volume 4, Issue 1, Neuroenhancement

Issues – Volume 3, 2010

CNS Volume 3, Issue 3, Women in Science

CNS Volume 3, Issue 2, Technology Transfer

CNS Volume 3, Issue 1, Relaunch